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Colts will unveil their “Indiana Nights” uniforms on Sunday



Indianapolis, Indiana – During the “Indiana Nights” game at Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday, the Indianapolis Colts will make their debut with their new alternative uniforms.

A press release states that the Colts will play the Cleveland Browns with their new clothes.

The Colts’ website states that the team was inspired by the “blue and black of the Indiana night skies” when they introduced their new look in July.

The Irsay family was given significant credit for contributing to the design of the uniform by Stephanie Pemberton, vice president of marketing for the Colts.

“Mr. Irsay has three daughters who are very involved as well, so it was very much a group decision and a group process. And it was a fun thing to work on. We got a lot of input from a lot of different folks from across the organization.” Says Pemberton in a press release.

The Colts’ black helmet, a franchise first, is also displayed on the outfit.

On the Colts website, wide receiver Alec Pierce and safety Rodney Thomas II of the Colts modeled the new uniforms.

The Colt’s Pro Shop at Lucas Oil Stadium and online are the places to purchase the latest “Indiana Nights” merchandise.










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