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Fire in an Indianapolis apartment complex forces 200 occupants to displace



Indianapolis, Indiana – Following an apartment fire near downtown Indianapolis on Wednesday night, about 200 occupants have been evacuated.

Firefighters from the Indianapolis Fire Department responded to a report of an apartment fire at 1321 N. Meridian St. shortly after 8 o’clock on Wednesday. The Circle City Apartments are situated there.

Firefighters discovered smoke rising from the ninth floor of the apartment complex as they got on the site. Many of the building’s occupants need assistance during the evacuation because of the heavy smoke. To put out the fire, firefighters ran hose lines up to the building’s ninth floor.

At 8:30 p.m., firefighters limited the fire back to the apartment where it first started, and at 8:36 p.m., they had it under control.

Officials claim the resident of a ninth-floor apartment admitted to investigators that she was lighting a candle close to the couch. When she came back into the apartment after checking on her washing, the couch was on fire. Before dialing 911, the residents and a neighbor made an effort to extinguish the fire using water and an extinguisher.

The fire did not cause any injuries to any of the locals. Two people were examined to see if they had inhaled any mild smoke. According to authorities, 200 people were temporarily relocated. Firefighters were able to save a number of cats, and many more were kept indoors.

Red Cross and IFD Victims Assistance are collaborating to offer refuge for locals.

The ten-story Circle City Apartments were built in 1914.