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Indiana has a lower rate of bullying



Indianapolis, Indiana – Bullying can occur at any age, although 20% of kids report experiencing bullying between the ages of 12 and 18.

It can happen in a variety of ways, including online, in person, or both. It can also take many different forms, such as online harassment, assault, and insults.

In addition to the numerous negative physical, emotional, and psychological effects that bullying can have, the Association for Psychological Science discovered that individuals who engage in bullying, whether as bullies or victims, are more likely than those who don’t to experience poverty, academic or professional failure, criminal activity, or drug and alcohol abuse.

The financial impacts are seen even by schools. School districts lose millions of dollars in attendance-based funding when students choose to stay at home rather than risk being bullied.

WalletHub conducted a study on the prevalence and prevention of bullying in 47 states and the District of Columbia based on 20 important indicators, such as bullying-incident rates, truancy expenses, and the share of children who are bullied online, in order to determine Indiana’s ranking in relation to this issue.

Indiana ranked 42nd out of states with the least amount of bullying issues, according to the survey.

When divided into distinct categories, Indiana comes in at number one:

• Bullying Prevalence – 34th

• Bullying Impact & Treatment – 28th

• Anti-Bullying Laws – 35th

Illinois came in at number 29 and Kentucky at number 26 in the Tri-State.


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