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Reinstalling stop signs vetoed by Bloomington City Council is not overridden



Bloomington, Indiana – A motion to override Mayor John Hamilton’s veto of an ordinance that would have reinstalled stop signs on the 7-line at Seventh and Dunn Street was not approved by the Bloomington City Council.

At their meeting on October 4, the council earlier approved an ordinance, 5–4, to replace the stop signs at the junction of Seventh Street and Dunn Street. The council voted 3-5 to override, but Hamilton’s veto required a two-thirds majority vote.

Councilmember Stephen Volan stated at their meeting on October 4 that the recently enacted rule was merely being reviewed in light of anecdotes. He also suggested alternative alternatives, like bollards—short poles that divide sidewalks from roads to protect walkers and bicyclists.

Additionally, an ordinance amending different provisions of the Title 15 Vehicles and Traffic Act was unanimously passed by the council on Wednesday.

“The proposals are a result of the public requests, feedback through commissions’ recommendations, or changes stemming from temporary 180-day orders,” the memo read. “The proposed changes would affect stop intersections, one-way streets, speed limits, angle parking, no parking zones, limited parking zones, loading zones, and bus zones.”

Angle parking was also noted by the council. inclined parking, as defined by Law Insider, is 45-degree roadside parking that is inclined to make parking easier. Pete Ellis Drive will have angled parking added by the city.

During the meeting, Bloomington’s senior project engineer, Neil Kopper, gave the council members an explanation of angle parking’s benefits.

“It’s always context-specific, but big picture with back-in parking, it is generally viewed as lower crash risk because in back-end parking, it’s really easy to pull into your parking space,” Kopper said. “But then you’re oftentimes backing out into the street without adequate visibility. Whereas with angled parking, you see the traffic behind you, you see where you’re going.”







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