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Skaters rescue driver who plunges into ice on Indianapolis canal



Indianapolis, Indiana – Over Christmas Day, four ice skaters saved the woman who was driving her car on the frozen canal, but they won’t call themselves heroes.

Biankia Gleason drove her car onto the ice and then slammed through it closer to the southern end of the canal. She was fortunate that the four onlookers promptly acted to save her from the sinking car.

“We saw this lady just drive straight across the grass down a very steep hill and onto the ice,” said Rachel Bowling, one of the skaters.

Bowling uploaded the video to TikTok; she claimed that before discovering they were skating on thin ice, the group went around Gleason.

“When we got there her car had fallen through, her car had sunk through and she had probably been in the car about a minute when Jacob got to her,” Bowling said.

Bowling claimed that her uncle, age 31, who only wanted to be known as Jacob, dove in to save Gleason.

Despite not wanting to speak to the camera, Jacob told News 8 that he didn’t think there was much of a risk. After a brief period of being cold, we were about to enter a building.

Jacob “was thrilled to do it and he would not have had it any other way,” according to Bowling, because that is simply who he is.

Jacob had to leave the ice, traverse the pavement, and jump back into the water to save Gleason.

“He skated up to where her car had fallen through hopped up on the concrete and just like plunged in by her driver’s side door,” Bowling said. “Skates and all. And he was still wearing the skates when he got out.”

On where Gleason entered the canal, there have been disagreements. She claimed to have come down close to the colts canal play area, but according to these witnesses, she really drove via the parking lot behind the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and down a steep slope.

“There were no medians blocking her way down. Personally, I don’t think she meant to drive on the canal. I genuinely think she did not know she was on a canal,” Bowling said.

When they discovered Gleason, the group described her as being lost.

“She wanted to know if her car was going to be ok and we were like it’s probably not going to be ok,” Bowling said. “But she did not really recognize that she was wet and for the first minute she just sat in her car while it was sinking.”

Overall, the gang was unperturbed by the situation and dismissed any compliments. Every Christmas, Jacob said, he will just think back on his family and do this.

“He’s very reserved which is why he does not like to be on the camera but he’s very passionate about the things he is and he won’t say a thing about it but he loved everyone,” Bowling said.

After being rescued, Gleason was taken into custody by police on December 25 for a DUI. The prosecutor’s office has not yet brought any charges.