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12-year-old Indiana boy held dying twin brother on way to hospital after Indiana shooting



LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Twelve-year-old twin boys were in the backseat of a car in northwest Indiana when one of them was shot and killed.

Demetrius Townsel Jr. was pronounced dead at a Gary hospital Saturday after his twin brother, Darius, tried to save him by putting pressure on the wound, according to a report by Fox 59.

The family gathered Monday to plead with the community for help in finding Demetrius’ killer.

“I can’t hold my baby anymore,” his mother Catherine Brown said. “Please turn yourself in.”

The boys’ stepfather, Lenearl Lightfoot, said the first time he was shot, he, too, was 12.

“Makes me more determined to find out who did this to him,” he said.

Darius said he misses his brother.

“He’s the funniest dude I ever know, picked everybody up, made them laugh,” the boy said.

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