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In two weeks, the Indiana Dashboard shows 7,081 more coronavirus illnesses and 17 COVID deaths



Indianapolis, Indiana – On Wednesday, the Indiana Department of Health updated the state’s coronavirus dashboard with new COVID-19 data.

The information was gathered up until Tuesday, August 29. Every Wednesday, the state’s dashboard is updated.

Tuesday saw a rise in the number of COVID-19 fatalities in Indiana from 25,366 to 25,383. That is a 17.5% growth.

On Tuesday, there were 1,247 potential fatalities, up from 1,243 on August 15. That is a 4.5% rise.

Tuesday saw a rise in the number of COVID-19 positive cases in Indiana, from 2,090,350 on August 15 to 2.097,431. This is an increase of 7,081. That increase was 4,061, or a 71% increase, in the two weeks before August 15.

On Tuesday, the state had 290 trips to the emergency room and 35 hospital admissions, which represents a seven-day average. This is higher than the numbers from August 15 which showed 18 hospital admissions (94% increase) and 167 visits to the emergency room (73% increase).

According to IDOH, 3,865,785 Indiana residents had finished the primary vaccine series as of Tuesday. 55.6% of the entire population is represented by that.

Through Tuesday, 991,677 Hoosiers had all of their shots and were up to current on their vaccines. This is a rise of 82,520 from August 15.





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