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Roderick McCormick
Apart from the traditional modes of reporting, I look forward to adopt new media technologies that will present the news-hungry and tech-savvy consumer content that are both viewable and accessible. I have been writing since 1991.






Natasha Pearson

Natasha is the one in charge to make MDMH Bloomington a modern news platform, powered by community sourced content and augmented with directed coverage. Natasha is dedicated experienced editor and she has written for several forgotten dot-coms and dot-orgs for years.

Shelly Carroll
Part-time reporter
Shelly Carroll is a journalist for independent news and media organizations in the United States. She primarily spends her time scouting social media for the latest Local, US and World News.

Sonja Hill
As a morning person, this job really suits me. I love writing and reporting the Indianapolis news on a daily basis. As a Hoosier, I’m so proud of myself informing the residents of my hometown for the latest happenings.