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Navarro College faces lawsuit over alleged sexual assault



Navarro College, located in the heart of Texas, is facing yet another sexual assault lawsuit. This time, a former cheerleader from the institution has come forward with allegations of sexual assault, misconduct, and harassment, according to Dallas Metro News.

The 20-page claim, which was filed federally, cites a case of sexual assault involving a male cheerleader and the plaintiff, which allegedly took place in the fall of 2021. The lawsuit further claims that the head coach, Monica Aldama, enabled the perpetrator and tried to persuade the plaintiff not to report the incident.

Navarro College, however, denies all the allegations and remains steadfast in its commitment to student welfare and safety. Its attorneys have reiterated the institution’s stringent policies against all forms of sex discrimination, misconduct, and harassment, at all levels. Navarro College has, thus far, declined to comment on the pending lawsuit.

The Netflix series “Cheer” brought Navarro College to the world stage, showcasing the institution’s cheerleading program and its athletes’ skills. However, it also exposed the dark side of the program with the arrest and imprisonment of one of the show’s stars, Jerry Harris, and the arrest and guilty plea of coach and choreographer Robert Joseph Scianna Jr. in a separate case.

The filing of this lawsuit is a distressing reminder that sexual assault remains an issue in institutions of higher education. The lawsuit provides an opportunity for Navarro College and other prominent institutions to evaluate and strengthen their policies and management practices around sexual assault. Protocols to safeguard students against sexual assault must not be an afterthought, but rather a critical component of any institution’s comprehensive strategies.

Although the lawsuit raises questions regarding Navarro College’s management of sexual assault on its campus, the institution has been proactive in its response. The efficacy of its protocols and management practices should always be under continuous scrutiny, and there should be constant pressure to evolve with the times. Only then can we ensure that academic environments are safe and secure for all students.


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