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16 Tech breaks ground on new community bridge, set to open in 2024



Indianapolis, Indiana – On Tuesday, a nonprofit organization in Indianapolis plans to lay the foundation for a new community bridge on the west side of the city.

The 16 Tech Innovation District will be connected to downtown and the Indianapolis research and medical corridor by the project, which is being overseen by the nonprofit 16 Tech Community Corporation, which will bridge the city’s Fall Creek at West 10th Street and Riley Hospital Drive.

With more than half of its floor space devoted to non-vehicular use, the bridge will place a priority on accessibility for bicyclists and pedestrians.

The neighborhood was considered when building the bridge, according to the project’s organizers, who engaged the community for six months prior to construction to get comments.

Emily Krueger, president and chief executive officer of 16 Tech Community Corporation, said, “We made changes to the design specifically based on that feedback, which was really clear that people wanted a safe multimodal experience.”

In addition, according to Krueger, they have attempted to provide a location where visitors may stop on the bridge and take in their surroundings, as well as other chances.

The bridge will modify the appearance of a traditional suspension bridge and produce an altogether new form that has never been seen in the United States when it opens in the summer of 2024.

City officials and locals will be present at the groundbreaking ceremony on Tuesday at 1180 Waterway Boulevard. The new bridge is intended to serve as a tourist attraction, according to the organizers.