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24 dogs dumped overnight in Rush and Decatur counties



Rushville, Indiana – The owner of 24 canines that were abandoned overnight in two parks in nearby counties is being sought by Rushville police.

Nine canines, according to the Rushville Animal Shelter, were dumped at the city dog park either late on Saturday night or early on Sunday.

15 dogs were also dumped in a dog park in nearby Decatur County, according to Kasey Hanna, director of the shelter.

“They cared enough to put them in locations that kept them contained, but this is still not acceptable,” the shelter wrote in a Facebook post.

The shelter wants anyone with information to come forward and is requesting that neighbors in the area review security cameras.

“24 dogs is a lot of dogs to leave one location overnight and go unnoticed,” the shelter wrote. “If you know something, say something. Lives are depending on it!”

The Rushville Police Department or the shelter both accept anonymous tips, according to the shelter.