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5 things new students in Bloomington should be aware of



Bloomington, Indiana – As the new academic year begins, undergraduates return to the IU Bloomington campus to visit with old friends and classmates. We also warmly welcome freshmen and transfer students. Here are some tips that, as a senior with a triple major in the College of Arts and Sciences (criminal justice, liberal arts, and management program, psychology and brain sciences), I hope may be useful to those of you just beginning your undergraduate studies at IUB.

Know where to find and how to reach your advisor.

One of the first individuals you’ll meet on campus is your advisor. One of the keys to navigating IU is knowing who they are and where to locate them. My advisors at the College were there for me when I made three separate changes to my second major. At IU, each advisor for each major tends to be unique, but they are all there for their students and have the knowledge to assist you in planning your course schedule, selecting a major or minor, and providing you with various suggestions for interesting subjects.

Visit activity expos

Attending activity fairs will help you identify a group that interests you and is a great place to meet new friends and individuals who share your interests. It’s quite helpful to find a group where you fit in if you want to feel like you have a place on campus. I discovered the Psychology Club and the Criminal Justice Student Association through attending activities fairs, where I met many wonderful people who shared my interests.

Use the services that are offered: mentorship for students, career guidance, and tutoring

Depending on your major, career coaching is available across campus in various locations. As early as my first year, I took advantage of the career coaching services provided by the College’s Walter Center for Career Achievement, and it has greatly reduced my worry and pressure on what I will do after graduation. The career counselors enjoy getting to know the students and discussing potential post-college job choices with them.

First-year students benefit greatly from peer mentoring. The mentorship program at Indiana University links first-year students with more experienced classmates who can help you with topics like coursework, stress, and how to fit in. I had the impression that I was immediately recognized on campus as a mentee.
The majority of classes offer tutoring, which can be reasonably priced. Tutors can assist before tests, during study sessions, or with homework because they are experts in the subjects they teach.

Take that class, leave your comfort zone, and pick up a new skill or pastime.

My experience at IU has taught me many valuable lessons, one of which is to step outside of my comfort zone. I learned a lot about what I wanted to study by taking seminars in diversity and ethics, for instance, and those classes helped me decide to switch degrees. Learning more about yourself and the world around you while taking some risks is what college is all about. College can be more enjoyable and the transition can be made easier by enrolling in engaging and innovative classes.

Visit theaters, musicals, sporting events, or Late Nights

Getting out and attending activities was one of the things that made it easier for me to adapt. There are activities taking place on campus for students with different interests. There are events for everyone, including sporting events all throughout campus, musical performances in the auditorium, plays in the MAC, and Late Nites. First-year students should take advantage of Late Nite to explore everything that IU has to offer and to meet new people who are also trying to ease their adjustment.

The Indiana Memorial Union typically hosts Late Nite events on Friday evenings. The purpose of Late Nite is to introduce first-year students to one another and introduce them to the events that the Union has to offer. It’s a terrific way to meet other students and become familiar with the IMU’s layout.

It can be intimidating to enroll at IU as a freshman or transfer student, but seeing all that Bloomington and the campus have to offer helps make the move a bit less terrifying and a lot more exciting as you embark on a new phase of your life.