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$50,000 Powerball Double Play ticket sold in Indiana



Indianapolis, Indiana – There’s someone $50,000 richer in Indiana.

Four out of five numbers on a Powerball Double Play ticket matched the Powerball for the drawing on Wednesday.

With a Powerball of 2, the winning numbers for the May 8 drawing were 10-22-43-55-57. The ticket was bought at Kroger 407, which is situated in Decatur at 929 S. 13th St.

An extra addition to a Powerball ticket is Double Play. It is distinct from Power Play, which increases main drawing non-jackpot prizes by up to ten times their initial value.

Both the $10 million top prize in Double Play and the regular Powerball drawing use the same set of numbers. On Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday evenings, Double Play drawings take place following each Powerball drawing
May 11 is the next drawing date for the Powerball. A $36 million estimate is placed on the jackpot.


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