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$500k grant awarded to Trans Agency to help clients



Indianapolis, Indiana – A $500,000 grant is assisting in the development of programming and infrastructure to address issues affecting the transgender, LGBT, and nonbinary communities.

Representatives of Trans Solutions Research and Resource Center claim that the organization’s new VISION program is built around the three pillars of housing, employment, and health. The moment to act is now because transgender, lesbian, and nonbinary persons frequently experience access issues and because new law poses the prospect of tightening restrictions.

“That (grant) is spread over three years. It’s a huge deal because we’re the first trans-led organization that has received this type of funding,” said Deputy Director Flo Battles.

The group has improved the trans community of Indianapolis’ access to resources over the past three years. providing for a sizable community of trans individuals of color.

“People who are of the trans experience, we are supposed to hide. We’re not supposed to tell that we’re trans and everything. And now we’re living our lives,” said Aundrea Lacy, director of programs.

The infrastructure needed to launch the programming will be built during the first year of the grant. programming under the VISION brand. Its main focuses are housing, workforce development, and health and wellness. the biggest social factors affecting health.

“Housing is one of the biggest problems going on right now because so many people are on the streets homeless,” Lacy said.

The grant money will help trans persons with schooling, financial literacy instruction, resume development, and other things. and teaching neighborhood partners on how to make egalitarian environments.

“I know as a trans person before I got my name changed, going into jobs. It was always discomforting for me to be able to go in there and talk to people as that name,” Lacy said.

Additionally, the community will be assessed to determine the exact number of trans, gay, and nonbinary people who require assistance.

“For years and years and years, trans women’s numbers have been linked or grouped in with gay men’s numbers. And so with this program will actually start getting some trans numbers,” Battles said.


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