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A juvenile bobcat escapes from a zoo in northern Indiana



Michigan City, Indiana – The Michigan City location of the Washington Park Zoo reports that a 9-month-old bobcat has fled.

According to Jamie Huss, director of the zoo, Grace resembles a giant housecat in size. Wednesday afternoon, it was still unknown how the bobcat got out of their enclosure and left her sister alone.

Huss stated in a social media post that the zoo shared on Wednesday afternoon, “Her prey would range from chipmunks to rabbits and smaller. We are concerned for her safety, and have continued to set live traps and trail cameras in hopes of a sighting and recapture.”

“Like coyotes and foxes, bobcats are native to this area,” Huss said in the social media post. “Due to her age and size, Grace will likely not be a threat to humans or most animals as long as she is left alone. Bobcats are quiet, secretive and active from dusk to night; and as with all wildlife, the natural response of a bobcat is to move away from humans.”

In December, Grace and her sister Hazel arrived at the zoo in northern Indiana. Since April, they have been living in a habitat created especially for them. Wednesday morning, the escape was found.

We asked anyone finding the bobcat to refrain from attempting to catch her. Make a call to 219-874-3221, the Michigan City Police Department’s non-emergency line, instead.

About midway between Gary and South Bend is Michigan City, which is situated on Lake Michigan.

According to the website of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, bobcats are the only natural wild cats that live in the state. They are mostly found in southern and central Indiana, with a rising population in northern Indiana. Because they can move silently and blend in with their surroundings, they are rarely noticed.

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