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Abdul-Hakim Shabazz creates an exploratory group to run for mayor of Indianapolis



Indianapolis, Indiana — Abdul-Hakim Shabazz is a lawyer, radio personality, and conservative pundit who is thinking about running for mayor of Indianapolis in 2023.

Shabazz made the official announcement of the formation of an exploratory committee for mayor in a video that was published on the “Abdul 4 Indy” website on Tuesday. The committee will assist in deciding if he ought to run for office. Before an official campaign announcement, an exploratory committee is typically formed.

In the video, Shabazz states that he has been considering running for mayor for some time.

“If I ran for mayor, my three platforms are plain and simple: public safety, public works, and public trust. There’s a malaise over the city of Indianapolis, whether it was the riots, whether it was a crime issue, whether it was a pothole issue, or just a government you don’t feel like listens to you — my job is to fix all that.”

Shabazz promises to lay out the measures necessary to put those goals into effect if he decides to run for mayor. He remained mum when asked whether he will run as a Democrat, Republican, or independent.

“Like I said: There’s a malaise over the city of Indianapolis and that malaise needs to be gone. We need new direction in our city hall and with our city government, so, hopefully, we can provide that for you,” Shabazz said.

According to Shabazz, an official announcement is anticipated in February.

Joe Hogsett, the mayor of Indianapolis, is one of the two contenders that have already declared their candidacies.

Democratic candidate Hogsett announced last month that he will run for one more term in office.

The Democratic primary in May will have at least one opponent for the incumbent mayor. Early in November, Indiana House District 98 state representative Robin Shackleford declared her candidacy for mayor. No contenders from the Republican party have declared their intention to challenge the Democratic nominee.

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