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Accessible workstations now available at the Indianapolis Public Library



Indianapolis, Indiana – The Indianapolis Public Library has started a new program to increase the accessibility of technology for all patrons, regardless of ability.

In addition to the ones that are already present at several of the libraries, the objective is to establish these workstations throughout the Indianapolis, Lawrence, and Beech Grove library locations. A height-adjustable desk, large-key and large-print keyboards, a trackball mouse with programmable buttons, and arm supports are just a few of the amenities included with these workstations.

The software also includes apps for math, live transcription, text reading, magnification, and screen reading for the blind. Additionally, the workstations can read information to users and react to voice instructions, helping them to complete tasks like document writing and online browsing.

The program is a part of the library’s plan for digital inclusion, according to Brain Norton, Director of Assistive Technology at Easter Seals Crossroads. “We’ve been learning all about what they do here, the services and materials they have, and ensuring that persons of all abilities when they come through the doors have access to those types of things.”

These instruments, according to Naomi Allensworth, manager of the East 38th Street branch of the library, might significantly improve the lives of those who have learning difficulties or mobility issues. “For our patrons here, they have a lot of accessibility needs. We’ve added a lot of things like the Job Center to help with some of the disparities that we face here. But we need equipment to handle it so we can just be.”

Some library locations, including Eagle, West Perry, East 38th Street, East Washington, and Garfield Park, already have accessible workstations. To guarantee that all visitors have access to assistive technology, the library plans to deploy these workstations at each of its 24 sites over the coming few months.

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