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After a violent party, a community leader argues for controls on short-term rentals



Indianapolis, Indiana – Parties in short-term rental apartments are reportedly raising safety issues in Indianapolis, according to police and community advocates.

Pastor of Impact Old Southside and resident of the city’s south side is Jed Fuller. He claims that short-term rentals have taken over his neighborhood.

“Our neighbors are very concerned,” Fuller said. “They regularly bring issues with parties and take up all the parking. We personally have several Airbnbs really close to our own home, and probably just in the past two weeks we’ve had incidences of people coming and urinating in our back lot.”

Fuller wants the city to restrict the number of short-term rentals that are permitted in Indianapolis and to crack down on them.

“We were really pushing for there to be an inspection and regulation for this business,” Fuller said. “People are making a lot of money, so I think it’s OK to have some safeguards.”

This raises safety concerns for Fuller. He does not want neighborhood youngsters playing outside with a steady stream of outsiders.

‘When it’s somebody different every weekend, you’re a little concerned about if it’s safe for your kids,” Fuller said. “We haven’t had any shootings, but I’ve personally been threatened.”

According to Fuller, it is challenging to create a sense of community when many residents just stay for the weekend.

Even when these house parties do not result in gun violence, according to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, other unlawful acts do place.

“That has led to sometimes gun violence, underage drinking, and drug use, so that is certainly concerning for our agency,” said Officer William Young, a public information officer with IMPD.

Concerns about the individuals in charge of these celebrations are held by other community activists.

“Promoters are about money. They are not concerned about the individuals, what’s gonna happen. They don’t know who’s gonna show up,” said Olgen Williams. “I personally think those people putting those promotions on should be held accountable and liable for some of the actions that are going on.”


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