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Authorities in Indiana are looking into the deaths of three patients at an addiction treatment facility in a week



Mishawaka, Indiana – Local authorities are looking into the deaths of three patients within a week at a rehab facility for substance abuse in northern Indiana. They are also looking into a fourth patient’s possible overdose.

The all-male drug and alcohol treatment facility Praxis Landmark Recovery is located close to Mishawaka, a city that is close to South Bend, and the St. Joseph County Police Department announced on Tuesday that it was cooperating with the county coroner’s office to investigate the fatalities and the possible overdose.

Seth M. Jones, 19, of Montpelier, Indiana, was found dead on July 3 at the treatment facility by police and first responders who had been summoned to the area due to a dead patient.

The body of William Breda, 46, of Griffith, Indiana, was discovered after police and first responders were summoned to the center the following day for a second fatality. Breda and Jones’ deaths, according to the police, were discovered in rooms down the hall from one another.

Police and first responders were called back to the treatment facility within six hours of the July 4 incident, this time for a potential overdose involving a 22-year-old man. After receiving three doses of Narcan, the man was brought to a hospital for more care.

“All three of these cases are suspected of involving some type of drug overdose; however, aspects of the incidents are suspicious, and no conclusions or determinations have been made at this time,” police said in a news release.

The body of a 28-year-old man was discovered at the treatment facility on Sunday, after first responders and fire personnel were contacted about a smoke alarm. Police stated that “initial indications are that the male committed suicide,” although toxicology reports and the results of the final autopsy are still awaiting.

According to Troy Warner, the public information officer for the St. Joseph County Police Department, police have asked Landmark Recovery for surveillance footage and records, but as of Wednesday, they had not received any from the company.

Due to the brief window of time in which these instances occurred as well as “the lack of information and cooperation that we received on scene,” according to him, authorities started looking into the fatalities and possible overdoses. “Both of those factors contributed to us wanting to take a closer look at the incidents,” Warner said.

In a statement, Landmark Recovery, a Franklin, Tennessee-based organization that operates rehab facilities across many states, expressed sadness over the deaths of the three patients and said it was “working closely” with law enforcement while also looking internally “into these events.”

“Addiction is a devastating disease that impacts every socioeconomic level and because of that, we have made it our mission to not only serve those with commercial health insurance but to provide high-quality care for those with Medicaid, a population that has very few choices or support options for addiction recovery,” Landmark Recovery added in a statement sent Monday night.

Landmark Recovery spokesperson Jessica Goble stated on Wednesday that she was confirming the progress of the request for the video and documents that Indiana investigators were looking for.

According to a statement, the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration “is deeply saddened to hear of the lives lost” at the rehab facility.

The organization said that it “is responsible for certifying entities that provide mental health and addiction services for individuals with behavioral health needs.” The Division of Mental Health and Addiction, according to the organization, “will review all reports received from Landmark and consider next steps.”