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Bad economic picture throughout the country did not affect the shopping habit as consumers broke another record in online purchases



It looks like the bad economic picture throughout the country and the inflation that puts an additional burden on people did not affect their shopping habits after Thanksgiving at all.

Consumers yet again broke another record this year when it comes to spending money on online purchases on Black Friday. Research conducted by Adobe Analytics showed that consumers spent over $9 billion only on Friday.

According to Adobe’s data, consumers spent $9.12 billion on Friday, which represents a 2.3 percent increase when compared to the previous year. Sales of electronics played a significant role in the increase, with this category seeing a 221 percent increase compared to the regular day in October. Merchandise such as music equipment, toys, and exercise equipment sold very well, with sales of each item increasing by more than 200 percent compared to an average day during the previous month.

For the first time ever, nearly half of all online purchases were made through smartphones, according to Adobe’s data.

But Adobe anticipates sales to increase additionally over the weekend, with people estimated to spend the same amount as they did on Black Friday, over $9 billion, on online purchases.

Adobe also expects Cyber Monday to be the season’s biggest online shopping day again, producing $11.2 billion in sales.

Adobe Analytics, which measures e-commerce by analyzing transactions on websites, has access to data covering purchases at 85% of the top 100 internet retailers in the United States.

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