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Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site celebrating new US citizens



Indianapolis, Indiana – A naturalization ceremony will take place on Friday at the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site in collaboration with the federal courts. It will mark a crucial turning point in the journey of a group of future citizens.

A ceremony for about 100 people to become citizens of the United States will take place at the location’s Citizenship Plaza. The last stage before receiving U.S. citizenship, which many participants have been working toward for years, is already complete.
At the location in downtown Indianapolis, the federal courts have naturalized 1,500 persons since 2003.

A spokesman for the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site, Lindsey Beckley, gave her thoughts on the late president and his participation with immigration while in office.

“Benjamin Harrison was president when Ellis Island opened, so he presided over that foundational history. You know, when you think of people coming into America, you think of Ellis Island. So, he was right there for that, and he championed immigration,” Beckley said.

Additionally, according to Beckley, the broad mix of people strengthens the social fabric of Indiana and our local communities.

“So many people never get the opportunity to see people become Americans. You know, those born in America can take it for granted. I think, coming out to see people who have worked so hard and so long to become part of this nation, is just an extraordinary event.”

Sylvia McNair, who has won a Grammy Award, will perform for the audience. The event will be presided over by Judge Sarah Evans Barker.

The commencement of the July Fourth weekend is marked by the date of this event. The Fourth of July will mark the Independence Day Social at the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site. The free event will feature first-floor home tours. The location offers ice cream for $3, patriotic music, first-floor tours, and yard games.