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Bicyclist from Anderson dies in collision with park department truck



Anderson, Indiana – According to authorities, an Anderson woman riding a bike was killed on Wednesday after she collided with a truck from the Anderson Parks & Recreation Department.

Officers from the Anderson Police Department responded to a report of a collision involving a bicycle and a vehicle being pulled by the Anderson Parks Department around 12:35 p.m. on Wednesday, southwest of downtown Anderson.

Christine Barton, a 38-year-old Anderson resident who was riding a bicycle, is thought to have been headed east on 19th Street when she crossed Madison Avenue and collided with a southbound truck from the Anderson Parks department.

Barton passed away on the spot.

All parties involved were complying with the inquiry when the Anderson Police Department Crash Team was contacted to conduct an investigation. If you know of any witnesses, call Sergeant Nick Durr at 317-648-6660.