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“Biden admin hates the nation, they can’t govern it, they can only run it,” Fox News host slam Biden and the White House administration



Joe Biden’s approval rating just hit the lowest ever recorded rating since taking the White House officer after numerous unfortunate events for him and his administration in a short period of time. It seems like the Afghanistan fiasco was not enough for them, so Biden decided to even announce a vaccine requirement.

Maybe he was right with his decision since he is seeing his lowest ever rating and it can be even worse for him. Biden has been slammed recently from Trump, GOP representatives and even some moderate Democrats who don’t agree with the Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco and tried to distanced them off Biden.

The latest to slam Biden was the well-known Fox News host Laura Ingraham who openly attacked Joe Biden and the White House administration claiming they completely occupied the United States since taking the White House office in January.

The “Ingraham Angle” host referred to sentiment she has espoused during the first seven months of the Biden presidency: “You can’t govern a country you essentially hate. You can only occupy it, rule over it,” she said.

“When Biden announced a federal vaccine mandate yesterday, his intention was not to promote more trust or to appeal to our patriotic spirit. This wasn’t about COVID, following the science, or implementing sound policy.”

She then talked about how the Biden administration is politicizing the pandemic trying to turn it against the Republican governors and the former president Donald Trump for the recent Delta wave that affected the whole country and the businesses. She added that Biden administration is attacking the Republican representatives in any every single occasion without apparent or known reason.

“The White House fight is not against COVID, but against the inevitable collapse of Biden’s presidency,” she said. “He’s drowning in bad poll numbers and Democrats are bracing for a bloodbath in the mid-terms.

Biden’s angry, creepy speech was designed to do one thing — pick a fight with Republican governors in a lame attempt to turn his presidency around and change the topic from weeks of humiliation in Afghanistan.

Doesn’t even matter if one is Biden supporter or not, the most recent vaccine mandate announced by Biden last Thursday has nothing to do with the unvaccinated and the vaccine hesitant. It has to do with the unconstitutional power one man shows, it has to do with the freedom of choice. Biden administration forgot they came where they are because of the people and they should only serve the people.

Democrats, Ingraham said, don’t want Americans to be happy and free—rather, they prefer U.S. citizens “miserable and afraid,” thus the Party controls power.

“They want to strip you of your independence so that you can be dependent on the government,” Ingraham said in closing. “I sure as hell am not going to give in. I’m going to keep fighting to save this country—all that is great about it… the question is, will you?”

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