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Bloomington resident surprised by early morning burglar



Bloomington, Indiana – A Bloomington man and his friend were surprised early Tuesday morning when a burglar allegedly entered his room, stated “My bad,” and ran off, according to the Bloomington Police Department.

Police were called to a home in the 320 block of East 3rd Street at around 3:40 a.m. in reference to a burglary in progress.

Officers spoke with the caller, who stated that he and a friend were in his upstairs bedroom when a man opened their door, said “My bad,” and ran down the stairs. The resident told police he did not recognize the man and thought it was suspicious that he was running.

The resident followed the man — later identified as Cameron Atwater — down the stairs and saw him enter a roommate’s room. Atwater then reached into his waist line and stated, “Yo, watch out,” and the resident heard two clicking sounds, according to what the resident told police. Atwater then left the home.

The resident told police that he feared for his life and thought he was going to be shot. He also told police he believes Atwater entered the home through an unlocked door in another roommate’s room and that several items in the room were missing.

The roommate, who was not home at the time, was called back to the residence and spoke with police. He told officers that he was missing a Play Station 4, a laptop and Beats headphones.

Meanwhile, an officer checking the area of East Atwater Avenue and Mitchell Street noticed a vehicle being driven by someone who matched the description of the burglar that was given to police. When the officer attempted to stop the vehicle, the driver led him on a pursuit, according to BPD. After a couple turns, the vehicle reached a dead end street, and the driver, Atwater, and a white male passenger fled on foot.

With the help of another officer and a K9 that were called in, Atwater was taken into custody near 1612 East University Street.

Police say Atwater was wearing a backpack that contained a syringe and a “grayish” powder believed to be heroin. Atwater was also driving a vehicle that was reported to be stolen on October 4 and had a suspended license.

Bloomington police say the roommate’s stolen property was found in the vehicle.

The resident and friend who Atwater allegedly walked in on were called to identify him, and both said they were “99% certain” Atwater was the man was who entered the home.

Atwater faces the following charges:

  • Felony burglary
  • Felony robbery 
  • Felony theft
  • Felony possession of a narcotic 
  • Felony possession of a syringe 
  • Felony resisting law enforcement 
  • Misdemeanor resisting law enforcement 
  • Misdemeanor driving while suspended prior.

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