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Bru Burger Bar will open in Bloomington



Bloomington, Indiana – In March 2023, Bru Burger Bar made plans to open a location at “The Annex” at the intersection of Third and Grant St. The burger restaurant’s opening has been postponed, though, due to construction.

“I know this has been a request for many many years, and so we are happy to finally accommodate that request,” the Marketing Director at Cunningham Restaurant Group, which owns Bru Burger, Carissa Newton said.

According to Newton, the eatery was initially scheduled to open this fall. That might not happen until as early as 2024, according to the building crew, because of delays in surrounding development for “The Annex.”

There are already 14 Bru Burger shops, some of which are in college cities like Evansville, South Bend, and West Lafayette.

According to Newton, the Bru Burger team intended to reach out to more consumers in college towns. The general public, faculty, and students are all served by these locations. According to Newton, this works particularly effectively for business.

“We had to find the right fit with the right spot,” Newton said.

According to Newton, The Cunningham Restaurant Group, which operates over 40 restaurants, plans to use platforms like Handshake to broaden its recruitment and employment operations.

“Our restaurants are embedded in these communities so if there’s ways we can serve certainly we do that,” Newton said.