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Bustling Thanksgiving is anticipated at Indianapolis International Airport



Indianapolis, Indiana – At Indianapolis International Airport, the day before Thanksgiving went well, while officials cautioned that busier days are still ahead.

Authorities stated that although Sunday and Monday are anticipated to be the biggest travel days during this period, Thanksgiving Day is still a significant flying day. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, the airport saw its highest number of departures since 2004.

The passengers reported no significant delays.

“Amazing for the day before Thanksgiving. You think all these airports will be crazy. It was not bad at all,” said Royce Mitchell, a Fishers to Phoenix snowbird.

“Everything was on time,” said Jan Mitchell, who was traveling with Royce. “It was a pleasant surprise.”

Although there were no significant lines inside the airport in the evening, a backup at the lower level forced officials to divert some automobiles from the arrival pick-up line to the departure area.

Meghan Blalock arrived by plane from Los Angeles with her family.

“Our travel experience has been great,” Blalock said. “We flew out of LAX, and just flew into Indianapolis for the first time, and we’re super impressed by the airport.”

“We knew LAX was going to be a nightmare, so we actually stayed the night before, and just took a shuttle this morning, so that was really easy going,” Zeb Blalock said. “It’s great, and this airport’s been really fantastic.”

According to officials, the busiest time to fly is between 5 and 8 a.m., so if you’re catching a morning flight, you should arrive at least two hours early.

The Mitchells claimed that since they are seasoned travelers, they won’t be worried about traffic on Thanksgiving when they return to Phoenix.

“We’re old,” Royce said. “We’re seasoned.”

Airport staff advise being aware of the most recent TSA guidelines in order to maintain short waits. Further details are available on their website.