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Busy 4th of July weekend expected in Indiana



Indianapolis, Indiana – This 4th of July weekend, millions of Americans are expected to hit the road or take to the skies.

Travel is expected to kick into high gear now that gas prices have started to fall. It will also mark the first time many Hoosiers will get out for a holiday after two years of the pandemic.

According to analysts at GasBuddy, gasoline will still be at record-high prices on July Fourth even though prices are going down. This year, prices are expected to be more than a dollar per gallon higher than in any other year.

Some drivers who were initially going to stand by on the sidelines may hit the road, Patrick De Haan, the head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy, said. He also believes gas prices will continue to decline for the next two to three weeks, pending an unexpected disruption like a significant weather threat to the Gulf Coast.

According to De Haan, there are various factors impacting air travel operations, including a surge in demand and less capacity than there was prior to coronavirus. Fuel prices have also hit the airlines hard.

“A lot of airlines have retired aircraft and a lot of pilots are taking early buyouts and so there’s a very tight ship, not only at the pump that’s pushing prices up but there’s very little breathing room this July Fourth,” De Haan said. “There’s fewer pilots, fewer flight attendants. Airlines are trying to hire back quickly, but with a lot fewer planes in the sky, that’s putting a lot of pressure on airlines this July Fourth.”

On Monday afternoon, more than 800 flights were canceled for weather and other reasons. “We’ve already seen Delta take the unprecedented step of issuing waivers for anyone traveling,” De Haan said. “If there are any disruptions, it won’t surprise me if we see a few kinks in what is supposed to be the most robust travel we’ve seen for the Fourth of July.”

Anyone who plans to fly over the holiday weekend should make sure to get to the airport early, De Haan said.