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Camp Atterbury welcomes the first Afghan evacuees, this is how the camp look like



Indiana – As we already reported earlier this week, the Camp Atterbury was getting prepared for undisclosed number of Afghan evacuees and the first group of people already arrived Thursday night.

At this point, no one, including Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb, knows how many people will be located at the camp and when their arrival will take place. However, the governor and the Indiana National Guard already released plenty of other details of the preparations and they now even released some photos of what it looks like from the inside.

According to the details provided earlier this week, no one will be allowed to enter the camp, not even the reporters. This is because the officials don’t want to sacrifice the whole mission, but added that this might change in near future. Gov. Holcomb said any policy changes will be additionally announced.

On arrival, everyone will be tested for Covid-19. Furthermore, every single person will be medically examined and that process is should take no more than two weeks.

All other vaccines, including the Covid-19 vaccine, will be offered to anyone interested to get the shot inside the campus. Health services will also be provided free of charge for every evacuee during their stay.

Once evacuees arrive at Camp Atterbury and are processed, personnel at the site will determine where to house them, Lyles said.

Additionally, the governor said that the camp is fully equipped with everything the people living in there might need. According to him, all lodging facilities have heating, air conditioning and plumbing.

Families will be accommodated together in a dorm-style units, while those arriving alone will be accommodated in open bay barracks for both males and females.

Many other details are expected in the upcoming period. Stay with us for more details.

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