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Indianapolis, Indiana – Indiana University and Purdue University are officially dissolving their cooperation after more than 50 years. This implies that in the forthcoming fall, students will not be attending IUPUI.

“I feel like myself along with the other students have been right in the middle of it,” said Nolan Campbell, an IU Indianapolis student. “We came in as IUPUI students which was exciting and then we got this little shakeup which is even more exciting to be IU Indianapolis. Everyone is really interested to see how things are going to look when we come back in the fall but we are really excited to see the direction the campus is going.”

One side features the recently constructed Indiana University Indianapolis Campus, which will prioritize the biosciences. A $250 million investment with two new research centers is part of this. On campus, a $110 million athletics building will also see new construction.

“This is an exciting time,” said Latha Ramchad, the inaugural chancellor at Indiana University Indianapolis. “We really believe this is going to be a turning point in our history.”

On the opposite side is Purdue University, which is located in Indianapolis and will soon be getting a brand-new campus. It is hoped that work will begin this autumn. On the site of the previous IUPUI campus, classes will continue to be held in a building currently owned by the university.

“The reaction to this campus, the reaction to this extension, to have the opportunity to have an urban experience while at Purdue has really brought in a very interesting and a new type of student to apply for us,” said Dan Hasler, the Chief Operating Officer at Purdue University in Indianapolis. “A student who wanted a Purdue education but also wanted some of the amenities of an urban environment.”

There were several factors behind the breakup. This entails providing students with fresh options while enabling each university to concentrate on its unique strengths.

“It’s really all about serving the needs of the region in separate ways but I really believe it will be good for economic prosperity all around,” Ramchand said.

The administration wishes to remind students that IUPUI’s basic values will remain the same, they will just be observed on two distinct campuses.

“None of the values that IUPUI is known for, some of which are working with the community, keeping students successful, serving the needs of the state, bipartisanship with communities/industries, those things are not going away,” Ramchand said.

In the coming days, everything will materialize as a reality.

“I truly believe that great things are going to happen for IU Purdue, and the community by letting these horses run their own races at their own paces, and there will come a day when you are standing on West and Michigan looking at crimson and cream on the left and black and gold on the right and thinking, oh my gosh, this is amazing,” Hasler said.

The division will be completed on July 1st, Monday.