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Chip criminal and the hotdog heist might be connected



Bloomington, Indiana – Following the theft of 360 ballpark franks from a concession stand at Bloomington’s Bryan Park Pool, a potato chip burglar carried out a robbery at a nearby ice cream parlor.

Around 4 p.m. on Monday, the Bloomington Police Department received a burglary report for the Chocolate Moose ice cream shop at 405 South Walnut Street.

A potato chip rack from the store was missing, and a staff member noted that it was unclear when it vanished. The store was broken into approximately one in the morning on Tuesday, August 1, the same day as the hotdog heist, according to an analysis of security footage.

In that footage, a man was seen climbing through a window to enter the store. Before departing through the same window he entered, the man is then seen snatching the rack that held about 40 bags of potato chips.

According to the police, no suspect has been named in either theft.

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