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Concerned business owners about the ongoing South Meridian road project



Indianapolis, Indiana – By this time in 2024, Meridian Street south of Indianapolis will look very different.

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works is closing portions of the road to make the upgrades, but many of the long-standing business owners along the route are paying a high price for the closures.

The proprietor of The Greek Islands Restaurant on South Meridian, Angela Stergiopoulos, is wary of the changes. “So, yes, that is true. Lost people happen. They lack transportation knowledge. They are unfamiliar with the neighborhood.

From Ray Street to Morris Street along South Meridian, the asphalt was gone. The terrain is being carved by the people operating the dirt-moving machinery’s levers.

When completed, the portion of South Meridian is projected to have wider sidewalks, clearly defined on-street parking, and a reduction in the number of travel lanes from four to two.

If the improvements can withstand the construction, according to Stergiopoulos, the business community will be happy with them. “I think it is going to be beautiful and something this side of town needs. At the end of the day, it is going to be awesome for everybody, but until we get there it is going to be a real headache for everyone.”

Getting consumers around the construction is a hassle in and of itself.

Customers must find their way past the barricades, along side streets, and into the alleyway that leads to AJ’s Lounge’s parking lot. That requires potential customers to travel several additional blocks.

Three phases make up the South Meridian Street project. There are several months behind schedule for the first section from Morris south to Arizona Street. The route is anticipated to open the following week, according to a Public Works representative.

The second stage is now in progress.

From McCarty Street to Ray Street, or from Shapiro’s Delicatessen to Iozzo’s Garden of Italy restaurant, which contains The Greek Islands Restaurant, South Meridian will be closed off for the third phase. On Friday, Illinois Street was closed, and the only way to get to that area was through a private parking lot.

Public Works states that it doesn’t anticipate any additional delays.



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