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Congresswoman recognizes student effort on the I Pooped There app from Carmel High School



Carmel, Indiana – It helps to know where to find a clean public restroom when you need one, especially in these days when diseases seem to sprout out of nowhere.

Rep. Victoria Spartz of the United States seems to concur.

The 2023 Congressional App Challenge congressional district award winner, a Carmel High School student, was presented by the Noblesville Republican on Monday.

I Pooped There is an app being developed by Californian Jasper Zhu and his teammate Jackie Wei. When the app is published, users will be able to rate bathrooms and share their opinions with other users.

In a YouTube presentation, Zhu and Wei noted, “Poorly maintained bathrooms can increase the likelihood of users contracting diseases, and some bathrooms may not have diaper-changing stations, which is problematic for mothers traveling with babies.”

Additionally, users have the option to publish an image to the public app from the restroom. For those who are more technically inclined, the team created the online application using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

I threw up. The first app to locate and rate public bathrooms won’t exist. When finished, it will integrate with Bathroom Scout, Where to Wee, SitOrSquat, and Flush.

Zhu said in the YouTube presentation, “While this is a somewhat comedic idea, this is a very relevant issue.”

Spartz expressed her satisfaction that schools are turning out intelligent students in a press statement, but she remained silent about the reason behind the Carmel High School student’s app.

According to the release, Jasper and other participants will be invited to the House of Code winners’ reception on Capitol Hill in the spring of the Congressional App Challenge.