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Covid-19 daily report: Indiana added more than 4,000 cases in a single day, the highest since January



Indiana – The Covid-19 surge continues in the country and Indiana is not exempted from this trend.

According to the latest Covid-19 daily report, Indiana recorded 4,120 new positive cases and this has been the highest daily record since January.

Additionally, 14 new deaths were reported across the state for the same time frame.

Hospitals are slowly becoming full and the ICU beds availability lowers every day. The cumulative 7-day positivity rate among all tests conducted is 10.6%.

Health officials once again urge those interested to get the vaccine to make an appointment and not come to its emergency rooms for COVID-19 testing since the healthcare workers are completely exhausted.

Since the start of the pandemic, Indiana reported a total of 817,149 cases and 13,797 deaths.

The latest surge in cases increase the vaccination rate in the state as more and more people are interested to get the shot.

For more information regarding the Covid-19 numbers and available vaccine sites, please visit the Indiana State Department of Health website here.

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