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Starting this fall, Covid-19 vaccine will be mandatory for all students, staff and faculty on Indiana University



Bloomington, Indiana – Students, staff and faculty will have to be fully vaccinated before they return in the Indiana University this fall.

The idea behind this decision is that the university officials want to additionally lift the Covid-19 restrictions like wearing a mask and social distancing.

Students who choose not to get vaccinated will have their class registration canceled and will lose access to Canvas, CrimsonCard services, IU email and on campus activities, according to IU’s website.

University staff who will refuse to get the vaccine, will be fired from the campus.

The full details about this decision and the process will be announced by June 15th.

Everyone who will accept to get the vaccine should be fully vaccinated by August 15th, officials say.

To get the fully vaccinated status you must have one of the following:

  • at least 2 weeks after a dose of single-dose vaccine
  • at least 2 weeks after a second dose of two-dose vaccine

Please visit IU website for details and to fill in the vaccination status form.

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