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Devour Indy anticipates a bustling weekend following a slow start



Indianapolis, Indiana – This week, Devour Indy is active. This year, more than 130 eateries are taking part.

“Even if you’ve been devouring for a long time, there are new places to check out,” said Colleen Rose, director of communication and events at Indiana Restaurant and Lodging Association. “Every side of town, there’s a restaurant for everyone.”

“It’s a great value for our guests and it’s something that’s special that we treasure in our restaurant to provide to our guests and be supportive of our community,” said Allen Long, general manager at Harry & Izzy’s Circle Center. “Downtown is doing so many positive and great things and that’s why we’re here. To offer a great value to our guests.”

Due to the winter snow, Devour Indy got off to a slow start.

“It was kind of a rough start out of the gate, but people love this,” said Dana Schuler, general manager at Condado Taco on Mass Ave.

The community’s support, according to restaurant owners, is essential as they recover from the pandemic.

“It’s been a rocky road,” said Schuler. “The community has been through a lot.”

“It feels like we’re out of the pandemic but now there’s inflation issues,” Rose said. “We all go to the grocery store, we see it and feel it. That goes to restaurants too.”

It’s now simpler than ever to support Devour Indy and your neighborhood favorites thanks to carry-out choices.

“Support not just the restaurants but the people that work in them,” Rose said. “Those are your people, they’re your friends, they’re in your community.”