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Expert from Purdue believes that the motorsports sector need skilled labor



Indianapolis, Indiana – The Purdue University curriculum aims to pique students’ attention, and the Indiana motorsports sector needs personnel.

The director of Purdue University’s motorsports engineering program in Indianapolis is Chris Finch. Finch spoke with Daybreak on Friday about the industry’s labor problem and whether there was a likely reason for it.

“We’re not sure. I’ve had several conversations with technical directors and team principals and there’s just been a big swell of growth within the racing industry specifically here in Indianapolis, and there are just a lot of skilled positions, specifically engineering positions, that are required,” Finch said.

In response, Finch discussed the effectiveness of the existing approach and how he plans to draw students to the field.

“It’s interesting we draw nationally. Typically, most of our students hire out locally. It’s more word of mouth. I think the program’s been around now for about 14 years. We get a lot of students from California all the way to New York and New Jersey that come here because they have a real passion for motorsports or a passion for automotive discipline.”