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Family seeks justice for toddler killed in hit-and-run



Indianapolis, Indiana – A 3-year-old Jyrie Matthews was killed in a hit-and-run collision. One month later, his family has heard very little from the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office on whether anyone will be charged. “I think my nephew’s death has really torn some of the family members apart, which I don’t understand,” said La’Tina Matthews, Jyrie’s aunt.

On Wednesday, the family released balloons and set up a cross at the spot where Jyrie was killed July 18. Jyrie’s mother pulled into the Clearwater Village Plaza from 82nd Street after her car overheated on the hot, summer day. Jyrie got out of the vehicle and walked into the parking lot where he was hit by another vehicle. The driver, whose name is known to investigators, did not stop and stay at the scene.

“We think of public servants sometimes as people serving the public, and I think the family is a bit frustrated right now that we only have a crash report, and we don’t have much more information than that,” said the family’s attorney, Robert King.

The family is frustrated at the pace of the investigation, and some of them want access to surveillance video from a nearby bank that may provide some clues in the case. Jyrie’s loved ones describe him as someone who loved video games and basketball. They are begging the driver who did this to come forward.“If you hit someone, you know, you hit the person. Just stop, pull over. It makes it easier, and I know it might have been a mistake or maybe you were on your phone, just don’t leave the scene,” Matthews said.


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