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Find out when Indy DPW will begin leaf collection this year



Indianapolis, Indiana – In central Indiana, fall has arrived and the leaves have started to turn color.

The yearly collection by the Indianapolis Department of Public Works will commence as soon as the leaves begin to fall and locals take out their rakes.

An Indy DPW press release states that this year’s leaf collection will take place from November 6 to December 1. According to city officials, residents are permitted to place up to 40 bags of leaves outside for pickup each week.

It is recommended that homeowners arrange for their weekly garbage pickup day to coincide with the removal of leaves. According to city authorities, the Indianapolis DPW’s leaf collection route will follow regular weekly trash pickup schedules.

During the week of Thanksgiving, leaf pickup teams will work on a sliding schedule, according to Indy DPW.

According to Indy DPW, people are advised to place their leaves in plastic bags when pickup starts since paper bags can degrade and break during bad weather. Additionally, the City of Indianapolis advises homeowners to place their garbage cans at least three feet away from any leaves they wish hauled up.

According to Indy DPW, all households should have their leaf bags ready for pickup by 7 a.m. on their normal trash day.

The South Side Landfill will receive the collected leaves. Despite having provided composting services in the past, South Side Landfill will not be providing them this year, according to Indy DPW.

Leaves that residents drop off at their central Indiana locations will be composted by GreenCycle. According to Indy DPW, residents who drop off their leaves at a GreenCycle station should be prepared to pay a $20 fee.

The GreenCycle location in Indianapolis is at 1103 W Troy Ave. It is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

An alternative for homeowners is to mow their lawn’s leaves. According to city officials, chopped leaves can be utilized as mulch.

Additionally, homeowners in Indianapolis are asked to bag or trim every leaf in their yard. Inadequate leaf raking can choke storm drains and result in flooding. According to Indianapolis DPW, city street sweepers may encounter problems if leaves are swept into the roadway.

It is forbidden in Marion County to burn leaves. According to city officials, burning leaves generate airborne particulates that are dangerous.

Citizens’ Transfer Station will take bags on Saturdays from homeowners who feel compelled to remove leaves from their yard before the annual collection period begins. Leaves deposited in garbage cans will also be collected by Indy DPW.

Residents can report an error if a city worker misses an address during their leaf pickup route. According to Indy DPW, the reporting procedure for missed leaf collection is the same as that for problems in garbage pickup.

Here is more information about the yearly leaf collecting by Indy DPW.




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