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Finkam easily wins the Carmel mayoral race



Carmel, Indiana – In the Carmel mayoral contest, Republican Sue Finkam defeated Democrat Miles Nelson 56% to 42% on Tuesday night.

Jim Brainard, the incumbent mayor of the city who has led it since 1996, has decided not to seek reelection. The next mayor will take his place.

Chairman of the Hamilton County Republican Committee Mario Massillamany said that Finkam’s victory was largely due to the high turnout of Republicans in the early voting.

Finkam attacked Nelson for having a negative campaign in her victory address.

“I thought this election would be about the best way to lead the city, but it turned into something louder, nastier and negative where my opponent attacked me and painted Carmel in a negative light nationally. Rather than run a divisive campaign I decided to put the city and its people first, and campaign with integrity and clarity of vision. A signal as to how I will lead as your next mayor.”

As mayor, Finkam pledged to address Carmel’s housing problems by assembling a group of local leaders. She added that Carmel is witnessing a minor uptick in violence from Indianapolis.

Finkam will start work on January 1.


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