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Four new baby macaques at Indianapolis Zoo



Indianapolis, Indiana — The Indianapolis Zoo has added four new additions to their long-tailed macaque exhibit.

Their names are Mae, Gemma, Bea, and Emerald, or Emmie for short.

In May, the babies were born just weeks apart from each other.

Macaques are highly adaptable to different habitats and climates and can tolerate a wide fluctuation of temperatures and live in varying landscape settings. They easily adapt to human-built environments and can survive well in urban settings if they are able to steal food. They can also survive in completely natural settings absent of humans.

The ecological and geographic ranges of the macaque are the widest of any non-human primate. Their habitats include the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka, and India, arid mountains of Pakistan and Afghanistan, and temperate mountains in Japan, northern China, Morocco, and Nepal. Some species also inhabit villages and towns in cities in Asia.

According to Zoo staff, they have a total of 28 long-tailed macaques that are a part of their zoo family.