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Franklin Community Schools hosts a school walk-through to honor the class of 2024



Franklin, Indiana – Since 2016, Franklin Community Schools students have had the opportunity to travel back in time prior to their graduation each year.

This year, 385 seniors from the district’s 2024 class had the opportunity to tour the Franklin Community Schools’ primary, intermediate, and middle schools and learn about their graduation journeys.

Franklin Community High School administrator Steve Ahaus explained that one method to recognize the senior class each year is to visit all the schools.

“It’s out tradition to go to every elementary, intermediate and middle school and walk-through, so it’s high-fiving and teachers, giving hugs,” he said.

For the seniors who took part, this tradition holds great significance. It demonstrates to the pupils at the various schools, according to Micah Davis, that “if you put your mind to it, you can do anything.”

“I remember looking up to the older kids… like it was a long way away, but it’s not that far. Enjoy every moment, every year,” Grant Hunter, another senior, said.

According to Ahaus, he wants the younger pupils to comprehend the significance of celebrating graduation with friends and family and what it means to be a successful graduate.

“It’s a good day to celebrate and get ready for graduation,” he said.


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