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Gainbridge Fieldhouse finally gets its long-awaited makeover of its rooftop



Indianapolis, Indiana – One of the most prominent advertising places in Indiana is currently being taken over by customers.

Workers have begun painting the words “Gainbridge Fieldhouse” onto the roof of the building that serves as the arena for the Indiana Pacers and the Indiana Fever.

The first time we noticed it was on Friday morning when we were surveying the area from a higher vantage point during daybreak.

The release of this massively revised language brings to an end a wait of almost four years.

In 1999, when it initially opened its doors, the venue was given the name “Conseco Fieldhouse” as part of a naming rights agreement with a financial services company based in Carmel.

In 2010, Conseco underwent a business rebranding, changing its name to CNO in the process. During that time, the venue was renamed “Bankers Life Fieldhouse” in honor of one of CNO’s most important subsidiaries.

The name rights were not renewed by CNO in 2019, as expected.

Gainbridge made the move to purchase the rights in 2021, which was part of a big marketing campaign in Indianapolis that also included the very first presenting sponsorship of the Indy 500.

Even after the CNO arrangement had come to an end, the words “Bankers Life” remained on the roof of the arena for the first two years of the four-year period that spans from 2019 to this week. The workers finally hid or deleted the lettering, leaving the rooftop with a jumbled pattern of varying shades of white.

One significant modification that was made to the design was so that the text could be read from the street. The previous titles were centered along the top of the arched roof, thus the only way to see them was from above; the new language is going to be placed around the north edge of the roof. According to representatives from Pacers Sports and Entertainment, the work ought to be finished over the next few weeks provided that the weather remains favorable.

At Gainbridge Fieldhouse, one of the numerous recent renovations is the addition of big letters. The arena is nearing the end of a significant renovation that has taken place over a period of years and has racked up a total cost of more than 360 million dollars. In addition to recent modifications to the seating area, new additions to the property include an extended entry pavilion, an outdoor entry plaza, and both. In addition to the construction of the fieldhouse, the project will also feature the construction of a building that will house both dining and entertainment venues.

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