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Geist Waterfront Park may charge $50 to park for visitors



Fishers, Indiana – On Monday night, the Fishers City Council may vote to authorize a $50 parking fee as they consider the future of Geist Waterfront Park.

Anyone who doesn’t reside in Fishers would be subject to the fee. The park had a soft opening last month and is open to the public right now.

“The luxury of this, it is so beautiful out here,” said Fortville resident, Carol Skaggs.

However, if you don’t live in Fishers and intend to come throughout the summer, you might want to carpool with friends and family.

“I think $50 to park is a little bit outrageous,” said park visitor, Barbara Terrell.

The $50 non-resident parking charge was authorized on May 9 by the Board of Public Works & Safety.

“There are 240 parking spots here. We average about 20 of those will be used by staff onsite,” said City of Fishers Community and Public Relations Director, Ashley Elrod.

Phases one and two, amounting to about $15 million, are finished.

According to the city, the additional $50 per car will go toward repairs and employee wages.

“Really, the thought process behind the $50 parking pass is two priorities: safety here at the park and prioritizing fishers residents who paid for and continue to pay for the development of this park,” said Elrod.

According to a local decree, the parking tax will continue throughout the summer and cease no later than November 1. The entrance is free for pedestrians who are biking or walking.

That won’t work for many families, according to several locals from outside the area.

“It is going to prevent a lot of our community from being able to come,” said Skaggs.

Passes for non-residents must be purchased 48 hours in advance. Residents of Fishers must be prepared with their iPhones as they approach the gates.

“To present their Fishers SmartPass, which is their mobile pass to access. That is what confirms they are a resident,” said Elrod.

The soft opening is still in effect as of May 22. May 27 marks the beach’s official opening.