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Gil de Ferran joins forces with Latinx tech company in Carmel



Indianapolis, Indiana – An Indianapolis 500 winner and a Latinx tech company in Carmel, DynamoEdge, is the first company ever able to predict race car performance in real-time.

“I wouldn’t say that I have a lot of knowledge of racing. I understand enough of the telemetry of racing,” the CEO of DynamoEdge, Barbara Bessolo, said.

The company is run by Bessolo, a former athlete who moved from Argentina to Indiana. In 2021, her company partnered with Juncos Hollinger Racing to predict car failures during the last three IndyCar races of the season. The cars were equipped with over 300 sensors that collected data and fed it back to the crews, allowing them to react to a problem before it could happen.

Bessolo is bringing the technology to any driver with French-Brazilian former Indy 500 champion Gil de Ferran, NXP, and AT&T. The ex-racing driver and former sporting director for McLaren Racing now has a special focus on DynamoEdge working as the company’s appointed advisor. “I really enjoy technology. I really enjoy working with smart people. I find that very exciting. It just keeps your mind going, (and) it keeps you young,” de Ferran said.

“That is the great combination with Gil, right? For me, a sensor is a sensor. For him, a sensor means something. The combination of sensors is more than data. It’s something that you can combine and give more enriched analytics,” Bessolo said.

According to Bessolo, his knowledge of racing and engineering will help grow the technology while de Ferran lives in Florida.

“Of course, racing is great and is very challenging, but at the same time, we have some very large opportunities with commercial vehicles, and what Gil brings to the team is the unique set of skills,” Bessolo said.

“It’s very different than being a sportsman, but now I have 20 years of experience of not being a sportsman and being an entrepreneur, a manager, and a businessman in general,” de Ferran said.

According to Bessolo, this partnership is also an achievement for the Latinx community in Indiana.