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Guidelines for keeping pets safe on July 4th



Indianapolis, Indiana – Even though Independence Day isn’t until next Tuesday, some Hoosiers will start the festivities early by lighting off fireworks this weekend.

How to keep your pets quiet and minimize anxiety the day before and during any neighborhood fireworks display is one of the most crucial things.

As part of the morning broadcast, veterinarian Rachel Campbell from the Pet Wellness Center shared some advice on how to keep your dogs quiet on July 4th:

• Place dogs/other pets in an escape-proof room or crate
• Close the curtains
• Keep room brightly lit
• Turn on the radio or tv
• Make sure your pets are wearing current identification tags
• Have microchip information up-to-date
• Distract your pets with treats or toys
• Talk to your vets about pet anxiety

Benadryl, Dramamine, and melatonin are a few examples of anti-anxiety drugs that owners can give their dogs to help them relax. Additionally, thunder shirts are advised for owners to wear on their dogs all day.

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