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Healthy Families program supporting families for nearly three decades



Indianapolis, Indiana – For nearly 30 years, the Villages Foster Care has been around, and the non-profit is running a program called Healthy Families which is focused on providing help and support to Indiana families on a regular basis.

Busy modern life, additionally fueled by the pandemic and inflation, has resulted in a record-high demand for adoption and family services in recent months, a trend that is also seen in many states nationwide. The Healthy Families program was created to pair parents with a family support worker. Couples might get connected with a family support worker before a child is born, and they are eligible to receive support until the child turns 5.

The Healthy Families program provides additional assistance to the family support.For some people, this program is everything. A woman recently explained how Healthy Families helps her go through parenthood and everything that comes with it. Her one-year-old son is diagnosed with chronic heart disease, which makes everything much more difficult.

“I really want moms and families to feel empowered. Some of them don’t know it’s already in them and they just need someone to come in and point the obvious,” she said.

Officials with the Villages Foster Care confirmed that more than 700 families are currently part of the program, but they usually have to turn down requests due to limited capacity. The program is currently available in eight counties, but the demand is so huge that there is a critical need for similar programs like this.

Families can choose the frequency of the meetings with the family support workers on their own. They can choose between weekly, bimonthly, or monthly visits. Initially, the program was created to help parents living at or below the poverty line, but everyone in need of help and support is encouraged to apply for the program.

Villages Foster Care officials additionally said that the program is focused on helping first-time parents, but parents who have already been part of the program in the past will also receive support.

To learn more about Healthy Families and connect with The Villages, click here.