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High school boys’ basketball match is canceled due to a “traumatic” leg injury sustained by a player from New Castle



Shelbyville, Indiana – A player experienced a “traumatic lower leg injury,” leading to the suspension of Friday night’s boys high school basketball game between Shelbyville and New Castle.

It happened in the fourth quarter of the match when junior Landon Thompson of New Castle went down after trying to grab a rebound. Athletic trainers came in to treat Thompson while players and onlookers turned away in terror, according to a webcast of the game.

After calling for help, Thompson was seen by medical professionals who then took him to the hospital. Thompson had surgery and is healing, according to a Facebook post made by New Castle Basketball early on Saturday morning.

It was announced that the remainder of the game would be postponed after Thompson was removed.

Students, athletes, and parents gathered in a circle on the court to pray for Thompson while the announcement was being made.

Thompson is now on the road to recovery, according to New Castle.

The message asked others to join them in continuing to pray for Landon, the Thompson family, his medical team, and the Trojan basketball team as a whole. “Landon, you are loved!”




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