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High water bills caused by metering flaws threaten eviction for Danville families



Danville, Indiana – Some residents in Danville who may now face eviction have high bills as a result of problems with a water meter reading.

Alyssa Brass, her spouse, their two dogs, their three children, and one on the way, have been in her Danville apartment complex for several years. Their household’s water cost is approximately $48 on average.

“In our lease, it says it’s a flat fee for water, sewer and trash, which we have paid every month,” she said.

They were told by Hometown Property Group, their management, that a metering problem that occurred in 2022 has just recently been resolved. She got a strange message around the end of April.

“They sent us a text message saying we would be evicted if we did not pay $900,” said Brass.

Brass made contact with a mother who lived across the street and had the same problem with her water bill after posting about it on social media.

“By the time they brought their baby home, they had an eviction notice on their doorstep,” she said. “Their baby was two weeks old when they got evicted.”

The Brass family is currently attempting to contest this unpaid invoice.

“We contacted the Indiana Attorney General, and filed the complaint with them,” she said.

Brass stated that the management group president contacted her following her filing of the complaint yesterday and that they intend to get back in touch in June to talk about her outstanding debt.

After our conversation, she was notified by another team member that a new monthly charge would be computed and that her consumption would be examined.

were planning on renewing our lease until this,” said Brass. “I don’t want to have to worry about getting another unexpected bill when I’m bringing home a newborn.”

It is advised that those who discover themselves in a comparable circumstance get in touch with the Attorney General’s Office.

About this story, we got in touch with Hometown Property Group, but we haven’t heard back yet.

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