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Hoosiers celebrate Pride Month in downtown Indianapolis



Indianapolis, Indiana – In celebration of Pride Month in June, Indianapolis is hosting a big party.

Observers could see every hue of the rainbow from a great distance as the 2024 Indianapolis Parade commenced on Saturday along Mass Avenue. Attendees from all over the state flocked to celebrate a decades-long tradition. All of this is done to promote inclusivity and LGBTQ+ rights.

”It’s important for visibility purposes,” said Jenny Boyts, the Indy Pride Board President. “LGBTQ+ Hoosiers have been here for a very, very long time. We’ve always been here, so continuing to show younger generations that we are here and it’s okay. There is a world where you can live as your full and true self, [knowing that] is really important.”

The annual Pride Parade, according to its organizers, is more than just a march through the center of downtown; it also serves as a declaration of love, resiliency, and the strength of unity.

“It’s been really hard to be a Queer Hoosier in the last few years here, and I am just excited in the ways in which Indy Pride continues to create space for Queer joy,” Boyts said. “I hope people feel excited about the future and know they are safe and welcome. Indy Pride is here to continue to create those spaces.”

People had the opportunity to view the yearly Indianapolis Pride Festival at Military Park after the procession. There were many different vendors, live acts, and a lot more this year.

June is filled with more activities that Indy Pride is organizing.



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