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Hundreds of people gather for a pro-Palestine rally on Monument Circle



Indianapolis, Indiana – To express support for Palestine and call for a stop to the carnage in Gaza, hundreds of people from various walks of life gathered on Monument Circle.

The two main demands of the protestors were to immediately halt all US aid to Israel and to stop bombing Gaza.

“As humans, we are not OK with what is happening in Gaza,” said Mohammad Abuhummos, a Palestinian Youth Movement organizer. “We come here today to give a voice to the people of Gaza who unfortunately have been shut out from the entire world, not only from world leaders and media, but also electricity. They have lost access to it, but service is spotty.”

The organizers hope for a change in the storyline.

“My family’s original homes were destroyed, so we want people to understand this has been ongoing for over 75 years, and the Zionist entity has been murdering our people for far too long,” said Abuhummos.

In addition to being coordinated by Palestinian organizations, Jewish Voice for Peace-Indiana provided support for this demonstration.

“I am a Jewish-American who stands fully in support of the Palestinian people, freedom, and liberation in Palestine,” said Malkah Bird, a Jewish Voice for Peace Organizer. “Part of being Jewish for me means all human life is sacred, and so for us, it is sacred to help support and protect the Palestinian people.”

The Indianapolis Party for Socialism and Liberation attended the demonstration in favor of the demands made by the Palestinian people.

“We’ve seen so many people come out in support of the Palestinians, and that’s heartening,” said Noah Leininger, an Indianapolis party for Socialism and Liberation organizer. “That is what forced the U.S. government to change their tune and start talking about Palestinian lives, and start talking about humanitarian aid to Gaza.”




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